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Here is some info on me from Wikipedia:

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  • Veteran WMF Editor

Monastic silence

  • Backstage projects
  • List of wilderness medical emergencies
  • Wilderness medical emergency
  • Wilderness medicine (disambiguation)
  • Wilderness medicine (practice)

Wikipedia articles on Traditional Fiddle created by this editor (12)Edit

  • American fiddle
  • Old time fiddle
  • Rock violin
  • Blues fiddle
  • Canadian fiddle
  • African fiddle
  • Cajun fiddle
  • Western swing fiddle
  • Bluegrass fiddle
  • Quebec fiddle
  • Klezmer fiddle
  • Metis fiddle

Wikipedia articles on traditional fiddle tunes written by this editor (4)Edit

    • Flowers of Edinburgh
    • Blackberry Blossom (tune)
    • Soldier's Joy (fiddle tune)
    • Yew Piney Mountain

Articles on musicians created by this editor (2.5)Edit

  • Benny Williams
  • Noise Khanyile
  • Talk:Foghorn Stringband basis for
    • Foghorn Stringband(with Valfontis)

Articles on world music/genres created by this editor (3)Edit

  • Turlutte Translated from fr.wikipedia
  • Muiñeira
  • Township Jive

Articles on environmental issues created by this editor (8)Edit

  • Water resource policy
  • Diablo Canyon earthquake vulnerability
  • Dark_Circle_(Anti-nuclear_film)
  • Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
  • Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
  • Mothers for Peace
  • Atomic Safety and Licensing Board
  • Nuclear policy in the United States-(Disambiguation)
  • International response to Fukushima disaster-(Disambiguation)

Articles on social issues created & written up by this editor (5-1/2)Edit

  • Warming center (Via alternate account)
  • Vulnerability index
  • Vulnerability index (disambiguation) (Disambiguation page/Alternate account)
  • Homeless vulnerability index (Via alternate account)
  • School to prison pipeline
    • Paulo Freire#Culture_of_silence (Article converted to a section pending secondary research citations)

Categories created by this editor (partial list)Edit

Category: Songs written in style of folk traditional songs
Category:Songs with disputed authorship
Category:Public policies addressing homelessness
Category:Wilderness medical emergencies
Category:Emergency medical certifications

WikiBooks originated and primarily edited by this userEdit

Public Policy WikiBooks (5 WikiBooks)Edit

Fukushima Aftermath seriesEdit

Four Book Series on Nuclear Power Plants in the USAEdit

WikiBooks on Fiddle (7 WikiBooks)Edit

[Ethnography of Fiddle]Edit

[Compendium of Fiddle Styles]Edit

[Contemporary Fiddlers]Edit

Tunebook Supplements (4)Edit

[Supplement] [[1]] [[2]] [[3]]

WikiBooks on Collaborative Publishing (1)Edit

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Use double brackerts and place the following as appropriate: welcome-newuser

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Again, welcome!

"I was wronged! I was hurt! I was defeated! I was robbed!" If I cultivate such thought, I will not be free..."

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