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Chapter 5: A Ride in Irondequoit

Billy, Marcus, and Andrew rode through much of New York that night. They rode about 70 miles in 7 and a half hours. They came across a couple narrow bodies of water, but it wasn't a problem since there is usually a bridge on the body of water. Their tires went flat a couple times, but Marcus was smart enough to bring a hand pump to put air in their tires.

Besides the big cities, New York is mostly a farming state. They passed many crop fields, and stole a couple vegetables too. They rode quickly in order to reach Vermont before the police caught up to them. They ate meals along the way.

Finally, at 5:54 A.M., they were 70.2 miles away from Fourmiles Creek State Park where they started. They had reached a town called Irondequoit.

"'Ey, I'm so tired," Marcus said. "Let's get some sleep. The sun's coming up."


So they looked for a good place to hide out for the night so they could sleep. They found an old abandoned warehouse, so they decided to sleep in there. They parked their bikes inside, got out their sleeping bags, and went to sleep.

The next afternoon at 5:37 PM, Billy woke up. He woke up the rest, and they all had a breakfast of sausage biscuits and chocolate milk. They talked and laughed a lot while they ate. The main subject of their conversations were about their geography class in school and how they studied the U.S.A.'s geography thoroughly.

After breakfast, they packed up their things, put air in their bike tires, and discussed their plan for the night.

"We should have a little fun this evening, eh?" Andrew said. "We are in the town of Irondequoit, which sounds like an interesting name, and the town looks nice, too. We should explore a little, eh?"

"I agree, Andrew," said Marcus, "but what if an officer sees us and we get in trouble?"

"That won't happen," Billy said, "if we only explore for an hour, and we don't take our bikes with us."

"Great idea! Let's dress up as missionaries for a Mormon Church," suggested Marcus. "We need nice clothes and 3 Bibles. We all have nice clothes and Bibles which we brought with us, so we should be fine."

So they all dressed up, got their Bibles, a pen, and some index cards, and they started to roam together. They explored a nearby neighborhood. They went to the first house they saw (as missionaries do).

They knocked on the door. A voice said "C'mon in." The 3 boys went in. The man who called them in was sitting on the couch watching T.V.!

"Who're y'all?" he asked.

"We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in Irondequoit," said Marcus. "Sir, may we talk to you, eh?"

"Yeh, sure."

The man turned off his T.V., and introduced himself.

"Mah name's Lucas Hooker, but y'can call me Mr. Hooker," he said. "'n' I'm from South Carolina. Now what're yer names?"

"My name is, uh, Arnold Williams, and this is my brother, Jack Williams," Andrew said, "and this is Jonas Hanes."

(Billy was Jack and Marcus was Jonas)

"Well, nice t'meet ya, Arnold, Jack, 'n' Jonas," Mr. Hooker said. They shook hands.

"But I thought miss'naries have name tags," questioned Mr. Hooker.

"I'm not sure, really," Billy said. "But 'ey, I'm just curios, but why did you move to New York."

"I've family 'ere," he said. "S'let's talk. Where's yer church?"

"Eastern Irondequoit."

"Huh. I nevah heard'a morm'ns 'ere before," Mr. Hooker said. "Can I've the address?"

"'Ey, of course," said Marcus. He got out an index card and wrote:

"213 Hope Street

Irondequoit, NY 39125


"Five five five? Three nine one two five? Yer pullin' somethn' on me, kids," Mr. Hooker said. "Y'almost def'nitly ain't no miss'naries. 'N' why'ya talkin' with that accent? C'nadians? Y'all're c'nadian?"

"What're you talking about?" Marcus asked. "We've always lived here, and–"

"Stop lyin'. I ain't gonna' call no cops on ye." Mr. Hooker said. "Are y'all illegal imm'grants?"

The boys all thought there was no point in lying any further. They explained their story from start to finish.

"Oh, so yer goin' to Vermont, huh?" he asked, "I'm goin' to Montpelier mahself in a couple'a min'tes 'ere. I's gonna' go after y'all leave, b'now I'll take y'all with me. It's 6:34 now. If we leave at 6:45, we can get there'n 'bout 6 hours, s'let's pack up."

"We have bikes in a warehouse down the street we need to get," Andrew said.

"Well, run 'n' get 'em, 'n' be quick 'bout it."

So the boys got their bikes and their packs, brought them back, and put them in Mr. Hooker's truck, then they all drove to Vermont.