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Lewis Mumford (1895-1990)

Um, well, and then there's changes.

Lately I'm often over at Greek Wikisource

Counting coup and celebrating potlatch combined


User:Nederlandse Leeuw started and proofread, I validated and wikisourceried; 350pp., English, Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Coptic and Academese.
Started by User:Kwehner who proofread all of it, I validated, had table fun, and wikisourceried; 65pp.
A Great Leap Forward! Unfortunately copyright confusions conspire to cover up CCP CC coverage. Peeks available.


This is Scrivener's 1894 Greek Textus Receptus and much referenced; el:Χρήστης:Αντιγόνη started this work awhile ago; strangely, upon checking the pages that are done, our copy of the transcribed text looks more correct than most other copies on the Internet; I am thinking we could get various sites to switch to our copy as demonstrably better.
Proofread near complete; need to redo verse numbering, fix section titles, some tables, a general cleaning; 425pp., plus 7 pp maps not yet addressed;