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I am Swatjester or SierraSix across multiple wikimedia projects. I'm registered on English Wikipedia, Commons, Meta, English Wikiquote, English Wikinews, English Wikisource, and English Wikiversity.


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To contact me for personal things, use my talk page or Email User function. To contact me for official stuff, drosenthal (a.t) wikimedia (do.t) org. If you have a complaint regarding an administrative action, refer it my appropriate talk page for that project (currently only applies to English Wikipedia). If you have a question regarding my OTRS actions, leave a message on my talk page at English Wikipedia. Swatjester 19:08, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

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Yeah. I don't have any really useful thoughts right now.

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none yet

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Userpage layout stolen from NicholasTurnbull, who nicked it from Mindspillage, who'd taken it from Talrias. My, how wiki coding travels...

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