My activity will be intermittent here due to the demands of real life. I will not be intermittently active here, but if you need to get a hold of me, I can be reached by email.

As the Wikisourceror Zhaladshar:

I was the first person to create an account here since the English Wikisource started on September 10, 2005. I am a bureaucrat on this Wikisource, and I am and have been a sysop on the international Wikisource since April 30, 2005.

My contributions to Wikisource can best be called random. I usually work on some project that fits my fancy at the time, but make sure I take it to fruition; there are enough abandoned projects on this site without my needing to add to it. It just takes me a long (and I do mean long) time to finish some projects. My current interests are:

  1. Adding scholarly and academic work to this project, something which Wikisource is greatly lacking (when compared to the vast amounts of fiction and non-academic non-fiction works)
  2. Converting image scans of books into DJVU files for future upload to Commons and transcription projects (currently working on travel books)

As a real life person:

I am currently enrolled in grad school and juggling my school-related responsibilities with my job, resulting in not having a lot of free time. I can only sporadically log on to contribute to this project at the time being.

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