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Question about pulling a via via link using WikidataIBEdit

Hi. In article Thom's Irish Who's Who/Cogan, Denis J. I have created the item at WD, with a main subject Property:P180. How can I use the module to automagically pull the wikilink at enWP based on the main subject. At the moment we have the field wikipedia which we manually link, though ideally we would pull that data via main subject link. [Note that I haven't worked out what we would do if there are multiple main subjects, though cannot work on that problem until we see it, and manage around it.] Thanks for your help. [Sorry that the documentation doesn't work for me, it simply doesn't help, missing a concept or a language somewhere.] — billinghurst sDrewth 11:20, 28 October 2019 (UTC)

Hi, billinghurst. I aplogise for the documentation. I do my best, but the module keep growing and it's often difficult to keep the new features documented.
Anyway, you have a two-stage request: first to get the Qid, the unique entity id for the topic's main subject; then to get the enwiki sitelink corresponding to that Qid.
So first for Cogan, Denis J. (Q72687377):
  • {{#invoke:WikidataIB |followQid |qid=Q72687377 |props=P921}} => Q26399033
I see you're using main subject (P921) rather than depicts (P180), but changing that is easy. The function can actually scan for either of them (just use |props=P921, P180).
Then for Denis Cogan (Q26399033) we can use:
  • {{#invoke:WikidataIB |getSiteLink |qid=Q26399033 |wiki=enwiki}} => Denis Joseph Cogan
Putting them together for Cogan, Denis J. (Q72687377) gives:
  • {{#invoke:WikidataIB |getSiteLink |qid={{#invoke:WikidataIB |followQid |qid=Q72687377 |props=P921}} |wiki=enwiki}} => Denis Joseph Cogan
The followQid function returns the first item only, by default, unless you specify the parameter |all=true, so you will only get at most one result. If there are actually multiple main subjects, pick the one you prefer and set its rank to 'preferred' on Wikidata. It's not ideal, but usually works quite well.
As you know that you're only getting one result, which is in plain text, you can simply add any linking as required, or use it to construct a caetegory, etc.
Finally, I've included the qid in the first call so that we can discuss it here. Leaving out that qid will use the associated Wikidata item for the current page. I just tested that by pasting
  • {{#invoke:WikidataIB |getSiteLink |qid={{#invoke:WikidataIB |followQid |props=P921}} |wiki=enwiki}}
into the notes section of the header at Thom's Irish Who's Who/Cogan, Denis J. and it works when I preview it.
Please let me know if I've not been clear, or if you need any modifications, and I'll do my best to help. Cheers --RexxS (talk) 13:08, 28 October 2019 (UTC)
beaming  . I was in no way disparaging the documentation, more my stupidity in understanding the system and some of the jargon. And I truly understand, it is my least favoured part.

I have created {{import enwiki}} for immediate and temporary use, and will consider your other feedback—and I did mean P921 ... last minute doing things past midnight. Noting that ultimately we will work this into module:plain sister once we have determined the cascading logic of links and namespaces, noting that the module/template "plain sister" plugs into all our various header templates to do our English sister interwikis. — billinghurst sDrewth 23:32, 28 October 2019 (UTC)