Lyra Ecclesiastica/Second Series/Hymn to the Holy Ghost

For other English-language translations of this work, see Veni Sancte Spiritus (hymn).

Lyra Ecclesiastica.


Come, O! Holy Spirit down,
Send from Heaven Thy sacred throne,
Thy irradiation bright;
Come, the needy's Sire benign,
Come, who givest grace divine,
Come, the heart's celestial light.

Sweet consoler of the breast,
Contrite spirit's gentle guest,
Soft refreshment of the heart,
In our labour solace sweet,
Coolness midst oppressive heat,
Comfort under sorrow's smart.

Light of blessing all divine,
E'en the spirit's inmost shrine
Of thy faithful people fill:
If Thy Godhead absent be,
Man is nought but vanity,
Nothing is devoid of ill.

Cleanse our souls from evil's stains,
Water all that dry remains,
What is wounded heal and save.
Bend the rigid to Thy will,
Cherish what is cold and chill,
Right what errour doth deprave.

To Thy faithful, who confide
In Thy mercy for their guide,
Grant Thy sevenfold gifts of grace;
Virtue's palm to them extend.
Grant to them a happy end,
Grant perennial delight.