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VINER, WILLIAM LITTON (1790–1867), organist and composer, was born at Bath on 14 May 1790. He studied under Charles Wesley (1757–1834) [q. v.], the musician, and in 1820 became organist of St. Michael's, Bath. On 2 Dec. 1835, upon the recommendation of Samuel Sebastian Wesley [q. v.], he was appointed organist of St. Mary's Chapelry, Penzance. Viner continued to be organist at St. Mary's till 1859, when he went to America. He died at Westfield, Massachusetts, on 24 July 1867. Viner was a prolific composer of church music, organ music, and songs, and was the author of the hymn-tune ‘Helston’ or ‘Kingston,’ sometimes described as an ancient Cornish melody. He edited ‘One Hundred Psalm and Hymn Tunes in Score’ (London, 1838); ‘A Useful Selection from the most approved Psalms’ (London, 1846); and ‘The Chanter's Companion’ (1857). A long list of his publications is given in Boase and Courtney's ‘Bibliotheca Cornubiensis’ (ii. 826).

[Dict. of Musicians, 1824, ii. 509; information supplied by Rev. W. H. Bolton, vicar of St. Mary's Chapelry, Penzance.]

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