Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Wallensis, John (fl.1215)

WALLENSIS, WALENSIS, or Galensis, JOHN (fl. 1215), canon lawyer, was of Welsh origin. He taught at Bologna, and wrote glosses, but no formal apparatus, on the ‘Compilatio Prima’ and ‘Compilatio Secunda.’ On the ‘Compilatio Tertia’ he made a formal apparatus, of which there are several manuscripts. The glosses fall between 1212 and 1216, for they were used by Tancred. Owing to a misreading, John has been styled of Volterra, and he has been further confounded with John Wallensis (fl. 1283) [q. v.], the Minorite.

[Schulte's Geschichte des canonischen Rechts, p. 189.]

M. B.