War Guilt Information Program (Intra-Section Memorandum)

War Guilt Information Program (Intra-Section Memorandum)  (1948) 
Policy and Programs Unit, Civil Information and Education Section, General Headquarters of Supreme Commander for Allied Powers


Date: 8 February 1948


FROM: CIC, Policy and Programs Unit

TO: Chief, CIE

THRU: Chief, Information Division

SUBJECT: War Guilt Information Program

1. Herewith first (rough) draft of a c/n to G-2 (CIS) tracing the history of CIE's war guilt information program, and proposing a new phase.
2. The program as carried out thus far is described in summary under two phases:
a. Phase One - from late 1945 to early 1946.
b. Phase Two - from early 1946 to the present.
3. A third phase is recommended, embodying information and other activity to counter certain attitudes or suspected attitudes of the Japanese people in regard to the atom bombing of Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) and the ultra-nationalistic testimony of Tojo at the war crimes trials.
4. This is a c/n that outgrew itself in the process of writing, editing and summarizing; hence, if the Chief of CIE considers it too long for a c/n, it is recommended that this draft be returned with directions to the authors to extract the summaries contained in paragraphs 3 and 4 and carry them as inclosures.
5. It will be noted that on pp. 6 and 8 there are blue-pencil notations, "EDUCATION (COMING)." This material will be submitted on 9 February, in order to catch up with the c/n by the time it reaches the desk of the Chief, CIE.

1 Incl.

Draft of subj c/nG. W. G.

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