Wee Macgreegor

Wee Macgreegor  (1903) 
by J. J. Bell

Edition: New York: Grossett & Dunlap; undated, copyright not mentioned. Book #1 in the Wee Macgreegor series. Reviews are on the Discussion page.

According to Wikipedia (Scotland): Bell first scrieved anent Wee Macgreegor in the Glesga Evenin Times. He wis inspyrt by fowk in Glesga and wid aft times eariwig oan fowk and thair faimilies oan Argyle Street in Glesga." "The first yin "Wee Macgreegor" (1902) wis a braw success an caused a Macgreegor widdrim, wi Glesga seein a muckle demand fir taiblet (Macgreegor's fauvourite sweetie).

There! Wasn't that enlightening?


A Scottish Story

by J. J. BELL

GROSSET & DUNLAP, Publishers
11 East Sixteenth Street, New York

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