Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Her Majesty's Purdah Party


On the morning of 13th December Her Majesty the Queen-Empress held a Purdah Party, at which over one hundred of the leading Maharanis, Ranis and other ladies of India were present. Her Majesty conversed freely with her guests in the most kindly manner, and the distinguished ladies departed absolutely delighted with their reception. On this occasion, as at other times when appearing in public in India. Her Majesty wore the magnificent emerald brooch presented to her on the previous Saturday by the Maharanis of India, and Her Majesty in thanking them for their gift made the following reply :

"The beautiful spirit of your welcome affects me deeply, and I trust that those who meet me here to-day will themselves accept and convey to the sisterhood of this great Empire my warm thanks for their gentle greeting of sincere homage. I desire to assure you all of my ever-increasing solicitude for the happiness and welfare of those who live within the walls'.

"The pages of history have set forth what splendid influences for good can be brought to bear in their homes by the women of India, and the annals of its noble races are coloured by acts of devoted fealty and magnificent service as the fruits of the lessons instilled by mothers in the hearts and minds of their children. I have learnt with deep satisfaction of the evolution which is gradually but surely taking place among the inmates of the purdah, and I am convinced that you all desire to encourage education among your children so that they may grow up fitted to become useful and cultivated companions for their future husbands.

"The jewel you have given me will ever be very precious in my eyes, and, whenever I wear it, though thousands of miles of land and sea separate us, my thoughts will fly to the homes of India and bring back again and again this happy meeting and recall the love your tender hearts have yielded to me. Your jewel shall pass to the future generations as an Imperial Heirloom, and shall always stand as the token of the first meeting of the English Queen with the ladies of India. I thank you for your congratulations and for the good wishes expressed by you towards the King-Emperor and myself, and join my prayers to yours for the strength, unity, and well- being of the Empire."