Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Preface to Supplement


The most gratifying reception which "Who's Who in India" met with fully assured me that, in undertaking the immense task of compiling a record of the Princes, Native Chiefs, Title-holders and Eminent Men of India, I was fully justified. The demand for such a work was imperative, and the book was eagerly sought after as soon as published. The large number of additional honours conferred by His Gracious Majesty at the Coronation Durbar necessitated the publication of a Supplementary Volume which would also contain a concise story of the historic visit of Their Imperial Majesties, our King-Emperor and Queen-Empress, to this land. This work is the result.

Again I have to tender my sincere and grateful thanks to the Indian Princes, Nobility and Title-holders who, by their hearty co-operation and ready assistance, have enabled me to accomplish what, unaided, would have been an impossible task. To the officers of Government, too, who have materially assisted the compilation of the book my respectful thanks are hereby tendered. As was remarked on the publication of the main work, my sole object in compiling "Who's Who in India" was to minister to the feelings of loyal and loving devotion to the Crown which are marked characteristics of my country men, and which have been so much in evidence since Their Majesties' gracious visit to India. If this modest endeavour on my part succeeds my labour will not have been in vain.


Rai Bahadur.

Lucknow, June 1912.