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Authors with Wikipedia intersections
This page uses a dynamic page list to show author pages that do have links to Wikipedia but do not yet have a connection to Wikidata. On the assumption that Wikipedia articles are more likely to already be connected to Wikidata (which is not always the case), these pages will be quicker and easier to get connected than others. Just access the data item through Wikipedia and add the Wikisource page name under Wikisource pages linked to this item. Remember to use "enwikisource" when asked for the site and the author page name (complete with "Author:" prefix) for the page.


These lists are automatically generated. Purge the page to refresh the lists (recent changes may not be shown immediately).

Author pages with Wikipedia links but not connected to Wikidata

No pages meet these criteria.


The code for generating these lists is:

category    = Author pages not connected to Wikidata‎ 
category    = Author pages linking to Wikipedia
count       = 100
namespace   = author
mode        = ordered

This list is based on cross referencing Category:Author pages not connected to Wikidata‎ and Category:Author pages linking to Wikipedia to find any intersections.

For more information about dynamic page lists, see mw:Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia).