Wikisource:News/2019-07/Asking for feedback

Wikisource News
Asking for feedback
by MJL, 30 June 2019

From the Editors: Let's hear from youEdit

Last month, Wikisource:News went unpublished. At the moment, this newsletter is written by one single editor. This month's edition features a republished article from the Wikipedia Signpost, a small update on English Wikisource admin confirmations, and this editorial. It's certainly not one of the best editions of this publication, but it certainly is not the worst. Easily, a lot more that could have been written, but it is unclear how many users would read it.

It possibly has to do with the lower amount of subscriber, but it could also have to do with the fact that there is not any amount of interesting content we are putting forward.

What do you want to see from this publication? Is there anything you would want to contribute happening in your community that you feel is not being discussed enough? Is a newsletter of this nature even needed? Feel free to send your feedback at s:en:Wikisource talk:News. Wikisource:News looks forward to hearing from you!