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Upload a number of English translation of the Bible.

Style guideEdit

Hosted Bible versions, like any other work on Wikisource, should follow the WS Style Guide, and any project-specific style decisions should be outlined on the Index talk page.

The following conventions are used across (most) hosted Bible versions:

  • Each book of the Bible is put on a single subpage, rather than split by chapter or into sections.
    • If a particular Bible splits a book into multiple books, e.g. Ezra-Nehemiah vs. Ezra and Nehemiah, follow the convention used in that particular Bible.
  • Chapter headers make use of {{Chapter}}, and verse numbers are rendered using {{Verse}}.

Translation linksEdit

All English VersionsEdit

Name Date WS Title
[Lindisfarne Gospels] (no link) 700's-800's
[Vespasian Psalter] (no link) 850
Canterbury Psalter 800's
Paris Psalter (prose portion only) 900's
[Rushworth Gospels] (no link) 900's
[Wessex Gospels] (no link) 990
[Caedmon manuscript] (no link) 1000
Ormulum vol 1 Ormulum vol 2 1150
Rolle's Psalms 1300's
[West Midland Psalms] (no link) 1300's
[Revelation translated from the French] (no link) 1300's
Wycliffe's translation 1380 Bible (Wycliffe) Complete!
[Roman Catholic version of the New Testament] (no link) 1400
Tyndale's Bible (no link) 1523 Bible (Tyndale) Letters of John only
Coverdale Bible 1535
[Matthew Bible] (no link) 1537
[The Great Bible] (no link) 1539
[Taverner's Bible] (no link) 1539
Geneva Bible scans 1560 (this has technical difficulties due to massive marginal notes)
The Bishops' Bible 1568 Bible (Bishops') Abdi only.
Douay-Rheims 1, 2 1610 Bible (Douay-Rheims)
King James Bible 1611 Bible (King James Version, 1611), Bible (King James) (complete), The Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testament & the Apocrypha
Bay Psalms Book 1640
[Brian Walton's Polyglot] (no link) 1657
John Mill's Edition (greek lang) 1707
The New Testament in Greek and English by Daniel Mace 1729
The Primitive New Testament - William Whiston 1745
Holy Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate - Richard Challoner 1750
[Quaker Bible (A new and literal translation of all the books of the Old and New Testament; with notes critical and explanatory by Anthony Purver )] [1] 1764
[A Literal Translation of the New Testament - Edward Harwood] (no link) 1768
[Griesbach's Greek New Testament] IA 1774
[An Exposition of the New Testament - William Gilpin ] (no link) 1790
[A Translation of the New Testament - Gilbert Wakefield ] (no link) 1791
[A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek - Thomas Haweis ] (no link) 1795
[An Attempt toward revising our English Translation of the Greek Scriptures - William Newcome] (no link) 1796
[A Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek - Nathaniel Scarlett] (no link) 1798
[The New Testament, An improved version upon the basis of Archbishop Newcome's new translation with a corrected text and notes critical and explanatory] (no link) 1808
Thomson's Translation 1808 The Holy Bible Vol 1 (Thomson)
[The New Testament in Greek and English based upon the manuscript of Greisbach] (no link) 1823
[The Sacred Writing of the Apostles and Evangelists of Jesus Christ, Commonly Styled The New Testament. Translated from the Original Greek by Alexander Campbell ] (no link) 1826
[The Gospel of God's Anointed, the Glory of Israel, and the Light of Revelation for the Gentiles by Alexander Greaves] (no link) 1828
[The New Testament in the Common Version by John Gorham Palfrey] (no link) 1828
Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible 1830
Webster's Revision also 1833 Bible (Webster's) Obadiah & Job only
[A New and Corrected Version of the New Testament by Rodolphus Dickinson ] (no link) 1833
[The Book of the New Covenant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by Granville Penn] (no link) 1836
[The New Testament translated from the text of J. J. Greisbach by Samuel Sharpe] (no link) 1840
[The Holy Bible, containing the Authorized Version ... with twenty thousand emendations - John Conquest, Editor] (no link) 1841
[Carl Lachmann's New Testament] (no link) 1842
[The Commonly Received Version of the New Testament ... With Several Hundred Emendations by Spencer Cone and William Wyckoff] (no link) 1850
[The New Testament translated from the Syriac Peshitta - James Murdock] (no link) 1851
Brenton's English Translation of the Septuagint [2] 1851
[The Twenty-four books of the Holy Scriptures - Isaac Leeser] 1853 Index:Leeser-Bible-1853.djvu
[A Translation of the Gospels - Andrews Norton] (no link) 1856
[Tregelle's New Testament] (no link) 1857
New Testament translated from the Original Greek based on Tischendorf's text by Leicester Ambrose Sawyer 1858
[Tischendorf's 7th Edition New Testament ] (no link) 1859
Young's Literal Translation 1862
[The Life and Epistles of St. Paul - W. J. Conybeare & J. S. Howson] (no link) 1862
[A Literal Translation of the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ based on the Vaticanus Manuscript by Hermann Heinfitter - Real name Frederick Parker] (no link) 1863
The Emphatic Diaglott - Benjamin Wilson 1864
[The Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and Book of Revelation: Commonly called the New Testament by J. N. Darby] (no link) 1867
[Alford's New Testament] (no link) 1869
[The New Testament - George R. Noyesation] (no link) 1869
[Tischendorf's New Testament] (no link) 1872
[Rotherham Version - Translated from Tregelles Text - Joseph Bryant Rotherham] (no link) 1872
[The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ] 1875
[Julia E. Smith Parker Translation] (no link) 1876
Revised Version without Apocrypha scans 1885
[The New Covenant - J. W. Hansen] (no link) 1888
Darby Bible 1890
B. W. Johnson's The People's New Testament 1891
[Epistles of the New Testament - Henry Hayman ] (no link) 1900
American Standard 1901 Bible (American Standard) Complete!
[Modern American Bible - Frank Schell Ballentine (Revised in 1909)] (no link) 1901
[Moffatt's Historical New Testament - James Moffatt] (no link) 1901
[Way's Epistles - Arthur Way] (no link) 1901
[Young People's Bible or the Scriptures Corrected - Harriet Jones] (no link) 1901
[Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek - W. B. Godbey (Based on Codex Sinaiticus)] (no link) 1902
[Twentieth Century New Testament (Revised 1904)] (no link) 1902
[Ferrar Fenton Bible] (no link) 1903
The New Testament in Modern Speech - Richard Weymouth 1903
[Worrell's New Testament - A. S. Worrel] (no link) 1904
[LLoyd's New Testament - Samuel LLoyd] (no link) 1905
[Forrester Translation - Henry Forrester] (no link) 1906
[Bourne's Gospel - A. E. Bourne] (no link) 1907
[Moulton's Modern Reader's Bible - Richard C. Moulton] (no link) 1907
[Rutherford's Epistles] (no link) 1908
[Bible in Modern English] (no link) 1909
[Weaver's New Testament - S. Townsend Weaver] (no link) 1909
[The Cunard's by F. W. Cunard] (no link) 1910
The Improved Bible Union Version - American Baptist Publishing Society 1913
[The New Testament: A Translation in Modern Speech by James Moffatt (Revised 1917)nt] (no link) 1913
[The Numeric New Testament - Ivan Panin (Revised 1935)] (no link) 1914
[Cunnington's New Testament - E. E. Cunnington (Based on the Western Texts in the 4th Edition Greek nestle Text)] (no link) 1914
[The Emphasised Bible - Joseph Bryant Rotherham (4 Volumes) 1916 The Emphasised Bible
[The McFayden Psalms in Modern Speech - John McFayden] (no link) 1916
JPS English translation The Holy Scriptures according to the Masoretic Text - Jewish Publication Society Bible 1917 Bible (Mechon Mamre), Bible (Jewish Publication Society 1917)
[Anderson New Testament from the Sinaiticus Manuscript - Harry Tompkins Anderson] (no link) 1918
[The Messages of the Bible - Frank Sanders & Charles Kent] (no link) 1919
[Common Speech by T. W. Pym] (no link) 1921
[The Shorter Bible - Charles Foster Kent] (no link) 1921
[A Plain Translation of the New Testament by a Student - Bird McCarron] (no link) 1921
[The Plainer Bible - Chaplain Frank Valentine] (no link) 1922
[The New Testament: An American Translation - Edgar Goodspeed] (no link) 1923
[The Riverside New Testament - William Gay Ballantine] (no link) 1923
rev. 1934
[The Robertson Translation - A. T. Robertson] 1923
Bible in Basic English 1941 NT 1949 OT Bible (Basic English)
World English Bible 2007 PD Bible (World English)
The World English Bible: Messianic Edition 2007 PD
Literal Standard Version 2020 CC BY-SA Bible (Literal Standard Version)

English translations not yet datedEdit

  • Matthew-Cranmer Bible

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