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To DoEdit

  • Proofread R through Z in Appendix (in Vol. 4)
  • Proofread Q through Z in main body (Vols. 2 to 4) (including Appendix material)
  • Fix music examples for pages in Category:DMM pages with score problems
  • Add music examples for any pages in Category:Texts with missing musical scores that belong to DMM
  • Add all diagrams and images (commons:Category:A Dictionary of Music and Musicians)
  • Validate A through Z in Appendix (include adding internal links where not already done)
  • Validate A through Z in main body (include adding internal links where not already done)
  • Create article pages for Q through Z
  • Wikilink authors and articles in both directions between DNB and DMM where appropriate
  • Proofread (& validate) Catalogue of Articles by Writer (end of vol. 4)
  • Use a bot to populate Author pages from the Catalogue
  • Proofread (& validate) Index (probably the last task—needs to at least wait until all is prooread, if not validated)


Formatting requirementsEdit

  • All articles require section markers around the parts on the first and last pages of the article. e.g. <section begin="Beethoven, Ludwig van" /> & <section end="Beethoven, Ludwig van" />. Don't use an ampersand (&) in a section name as this causes problems with transclusion.
  • Internal links are in the format [[../Beethoven, Ludwig van|Beethoven]]. Often the text will be in small-caps, so add {{sc}} to either the piped text or around the link.
  • A few special characters can be entered as text (these three characters are also in the symbols editbox):
♭ & # x 266 d; (omit spaces)
♮ & # x 266 e; (omit spaces)
♯ & # x 266 f; (omit spaces)
  • All other symbols need to be done as images (unless a music webfont is created)

  • Author links at the end of articles are in the format {{right|[ [[Author:J. A. Fuller-Maitland|M.]] ]}}

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