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Authors and Contributors
Last name Author link Number of articles
Armbruster Author:Carl Armbruster 2
Andrews Author:Addison Fletcher Andrews 1
Author:David Baptie 2
Author:Julius Benedict
Author:Joseph Bennett
Author:Robert Holford Macdowall Bosanquet 1
Author:Henry Ramsden Bramley 1
Author:Horatio Robert Forbes Brown 1
Author:Hermann Budy 1
Author:Mary Burrell 1
Author:William Chappell
Chitty Author:Alexis Chitty, Esq.
(no detail, except birthdate)
Author:Adolphe-Gustave Chouquet
Author:Arthur Duke Coleridge 3
Author:Frederick Corder
Author:George Arthur Crawford
Author:William Hayman Cummings
Author:William George Cusins 2
Author:Edward George Dannreuther
Author:Paul David
Davie Author:John Hunter Davie
no detail available
Author:James William Davison 2
Deacon Author:Harry Collins Deacon
Author:Edward Hawtrey Donkin
Author:Alfred Dörffel 2
Author:Clarence Eddy 1
Author:Henry Sutherland Edwards
Engel Author:Louis Engel
no birth/death dates available
Author:Max Friedländer 3
Author:Henry Frederick Frost 3
Fyfe Author:John T. Fyfe
no detail available
Author:Charles Alan Fyffe
Author:Franz Gehring
Goslin Author:Samuel Benjamin Goslin
no detail available
Griffith Author:J. C. Griffith
no detail available
Author:George Grove
Author:Mary Catherine Hamilton
Author:Thomas Helmore
Author:George Herbert (1850-1895) 2
Author:Ferdinand Hiller 1
Author:Alfred James Hipkins
Author:Edward John Hopkins
Author:Thomas Percy Hudson
Author:Francis Hueffer
Author:Augustus Hughes-Hughes
Author:John Pyke Hullah
Hume Author:Willam Hume
no birthdate
Author:William Henry Husk
Author:Francis Henry Jenks
Author:Adolphe Jullien
Author:Jacob Adam Kappey
Latham Author:Morton Latham
no detail
Lecky Author:James Lecky
no detail
Author:Henry John Lincoln 3
Author:Richard Buckley Litchfield
Lonsdale Author:Robert Edward Lonsdale
no birth/death dates
Lucas Author:Stanley Lucas
no detail
Author:Ferdinand Ludwig 1
Author:Hercules Henry Graves MacDonnell 1
Author:George Alexander Macfarren 1
Author:Charles Mackeson
Maczewski Author:Alfred Maczewski
no birth/death dates
Author:John Alexander Fuller Maitland
Author:Florence Ashton Marshall
Author:Julian Marshall
Author:Russell Martineau
Author:Giannandrea Mazzucato
Author:John Henry Mee
Author:Louisa M. Middleton
Author:James Russell Milne
Author:Edwin George Monk 1
Author:Rosa Harriet Newmarch 1
Author:Herbert Stanley Oakeley
Author:Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley
Author:Henry Parr
Author:Walter Parratt
Author:Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
Author:Ernst Pauer 2
Author:Edward John Payne
Author:Hugh Pearson 1
Author:Edward Henry Pember
Author:Catherine Mary Phillimore
Author:Carl Ferdinand Pohl
Author:William Pole
Author:Eugene Polonaski 1
Author:Victor Dumazet de Pontigny
Author:Ebenezer Prout
Author:William Pulling 1
Author:Charles Henry Purday
Author:Luigi Ricci
Author:Edward Francis Rimbault
Author:Francesco Rizzelli 3
Author:William Smyth Rockstro
Author:Desmond Lumley Ryan 1
Author:Curt Schulz 1
Author:Carl Siewers 2
Author:Thomas Lea Southgate 2
Author:Philipp Spitta
Author:William Barclay Squire
Author:John Stainer
Author:Henry Heathcote Statham 3
Author:Charles Edward Stephens 1
Author:James Robert Sterndale-Bennett
Author:Robert Prescott Stewart
Author:Thomas Logan Stillie 2
Author:William Henry Stone
Author:John Stuttaford 1
Author:Arthur Seymour Sullivan 2
Author:Franklin Taylor
Author:Henry Richard Tedder 1
Author:Alexander Wheelock Thayer
Author:Bertha Thomas
Author:John Thomas (1826-1913) 2
Author:Charles Arthur William Troyte
Author:Henry Ware 2
Author:Frederick Westlake 1
Author:Adela Harriet Sophia Wodehouse
Author:John Muir Wood
Author:Harry Ellis Wooldridge 1