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WikiProject North Carolina

WikiProject to help expand the library of North Carolina related works for Wikisource.

Flag of North Carolina


Our project aims to increase the number, and quality, of all works relating to the State of North Carolina, and Province it was before becoming a state.

  • Good sources for this are,,,,, and
  • Always remember to use source files and index pages for works, not just typing up a new work without providing a proper source, PDF and DjVu files are both accepted.
  • In any text where the long s {{ls}} or other old style orthographies are used in a text, it will be used instead of changing it into a regular s.
  • Edits and revisions to completed texts are always welcome.
  • Sources on various historic newspapers not already in the links above, would be greatly appreciated.


  • Under NC General Statute law, all works of local and state governments are open and 'for the people, under N.C. General Statutes, Chapter 121-1a


  • Increase the number of works relating to North Carolina
  • Add digital versions of State Laws, Journals, and Publications, Which are all public domain via N.C.G.S. § 132, and Title 17, U.S.C.

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Add the complete collection of the North Carolina Register. (Volume 1, Number 1 in progress)
  • Add the North Carolina General Statutes.
  • Add the NCAC (North Carolina Administrative Code).
  • Add and complete the two volumes from 1751, and 1752 of the Public Acts of Assembly by the Province of North Carolina. (1751 edition in progress)
  • Add volumes of the North Carolina Manual (1874 and 2012 Editions in progress)
  • Add Editions of The Courier, Also known as The Asheboro Courier/Randolph Regulator early on, and The Tribune(Once it becomes public domain), eventually adding The Courier-Tribune as well.(The Courier in Progress)
  • Add the North Carolina Court Reports (Consisting of the North Carolina Reports and North Carolina Court of Appeals Reports)
  • Add the North Carolina Manual, Published from 1874 to 2012.
  • Add the The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, a 30 volume series published by the State between 1886 and 1905.
  • Add documents relating to the NC Education Lottery and it's commission. North Carolina Education Lottery,
  • Add the North Carolina Historical Review, of which is first volumes are finally in the PD.
  • Find and add journals from the UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) School of Law, particularly the North Carolina Law Review.

Completed ProjectsEdit





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