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Wikiproject Wiki Heart Sutra is a wikiproject to create an original, open content translation of the source text of the Heart Sutra that will be in the Public Domain. It will be a translation of the long version and will have a style quite different than the existing Wiki translation of the short version. In particular, the focus will not be on brevity but on quality of writing, and conveyance of meaning. Thus, literal exactitude is not the top priority. See translation guidelines below, for more details.

This is a work in progress. Everyone is welcome.

If you know Sanskrit or Tibetan or Chinese or Japanese, add your name to the list of participants and claim a chapter! Or if you don't want to make that commitment yet, check somebody else's work. If you don't know any of these languages, we can still very much use your English skills in proof-reading and tweaking the text.

See Frequently asked questions for any initial questions you may have, and discuss the project here.

Translation guidelinesEdit

  • There is an existing Wikisource translation of the Short Heart Sutra. That one is, well, very short, and its translation is quite spare. This translation will not emphasize brevity at the expense of clarity and quality of English.
  • Stay faithful to the original source text and do not borrow from copyrighted modern versions. The text should be as literal as possible while still translating the correct meaning into good English.
  • Keep the translation simple, non-technical, robust, and easy-to-understand.
  • Avoid sectarian disputes, possibly by footnoting variant translations.
  • Share your sources. (In the page talk put all details about which source text you used.--and any other such details about the translation.)
  • Don't hesitate to add footnotes. All kinds of footnotes are welcome, including if you're really not sure about how something should be translated. Either another editor will see your footnote, and fix the text, or it is a place where translating well is really difficult, and this info is good to be passed on to the reader. (In case of ambiguity in the text, put the other possible renderings in the footnotes.)
  • This translation is intended to attract collective collaboration and will not take liberties of amplification and poetic interpretation which the project originator may take in personal copyrighted translations such as the Arjuna Ahimsanaanda version of the Bhagavid Gita, poems of Pablo Neruda and Gabrielle Mistral, etc.

Status of Project:Edit

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So far all translated sections are in a draft state. Please help fix 'em up!


This is the list of participants.
If you would like to help please add your name to the end of the list.

  1. User:Geofferybard Translator, Project originator.

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