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This WikiProject exists to create a place for the purpose of coordination in the goal of preservation of Public Domain Messianic-Jewish and Hebrew-Christian writings; and other writings of value to the movement. And, to apply the Open-Source model to the translations of texts into English or other target languages. Page images used by this project are archived at Wikimedia Commons under the category Wikisource Salvation of Israel Project Scans.

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Guidelines for InclusionEdit

In order for a work to be part of this project, it must either (a) Be written by a Jew, or a person of Jewish ancestry who believed Jesus to be the Messiah without respect for the actual title or label he or she preferred. (b) Be written by someone of non-Jewish stock who wrote about Jews who believed in Jesus, the actual title or label the subject or subjects of any such writing preferred not withstanding. (c) Be written by any person who wrote about Jesus or His early followers in the historical context of first century Judaism, its culture, laws, and political climate.


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