Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/William of Coventry

WILLIAM of Coventry (fl. 1360), Carmelite, born at Coventry, was lame, and went by the name of Claudus Conversus. Bale possessed copies of works by him on the history of the Carmelites, which are lost. Bale ascribes to him also an ‘Elucidarium Fidei,’ which occurs in many manuscripts (e.g. Bodl. MSS. Laud 22 E 44, E 90, and L 47), and has been printed as the work of Anselm. It has been also ascribed to Honorius of Autun, Guibert Novigentinus, and even St. Augustine. Bale ascribes to William ‘Carmina Diversa.’

[Bale's Script. Brit. i. 461; Villiers de St. Étienne's Bibliotheca Carmel. i. 59 b; Fabricius, Bibliotheca, s. vv. ‘Anselmus,’ ‘Honorius,’ ‘Guibertus;’ Tanner's Bibl. p. 356.]

M. B.