William of Ware (DNB00)

WILLIAM of Ware, or WILLIAM WARRE, Guaro, or Varron (fl. 1300?), philosopher, born at Ware in Hertfordshire, entered the Franciscan order in his youth. He was S.T.P. of Paris, and spent most of his life there. According to one historian of the Franciscans, he was a pupil of Alexander of Hales [q. v.] Several authorities concur in calling him the master of Duns Scotus [see Duns, Joannes Scotus], who went to Paris in 1304, and he is twice mentioned in the works of Scotus. No early authority is forthcoming for the statement that he studied at Oxford and was professor of divinity there in 1301. By later writers he was called ‘doctor fundatus.’ He wrote commentaries on the sentences of which many manuscripts are extant, e.g. at Oxford Merton Coll. MSS. 103, 104, at Toulouse, Troyes, Vienna, Florence, and Padua (see Little, Grey Friars at Oxford, p. 213). Tanner names other philosophical and theological works of which no manuscripts are known.

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M. B.