William of Wheatley (DNB00)

WILLIAM of Wheatley or Whetley (fl. 1310), divine and author, seems to have studied at Oxford (probably in 1300), and in Paris about 1301. He taught at Stamford in 1309 and at Lincoln in 1316, and was also rector of Yatesbury in Wiltshire.

His works are: 1. A commentary on Boethius's ‘De Disciplina Scholasticorum’ (MSS. in Exeter College, Oxford, No. xxviii. and Pembroke College, Cambridge). 2. Another ‘Super Divisiones ejusdem.’ 3. A commentary on Boethius's ‘De Consolatione Philosophiæ’ (MSS. in Exeter College, No. xxviii. and New College, Oxford, No. cclxiv., and in Pembroke College, Cambridge). 4. ‘Epistolæ ad diversos.’ 5. ‘De signis prognosticis sterilitatis.’ 6. ‘Duo hymni de vita et moribus B. Hugonis episcopi Lincolniensis.’ The three last are in the manuscript at New College, Oxford (cclxiv.).

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W. E. R.