Winterton, Thomas (DNB00)

WINTERTON, THOMAS (fl. 1391), theological writer, was a native of Winterton, Lincolnshire, and an Augustinian hermit of Stamford. He took the degree of doctor of theology at Oxford, and was in his youth a friend of Wycliffe, but afterwards he wrote against him. He became provincial of his order in 1389, and was re-elected in 1391. He wrote ‘Absolutio super confessione Joannis Wyclif de corpore Christi in sacramento altaris,’ of which several manuscripts are extant. It is the same work as ‘De Eucharistiæ assertione’ which Leland saw at St. Paul's (Dugdale, St. Paul's, p. 283; see Harl. MS. 31, and Bibl. Reg. MS. 7 B. iii. 6). The treatise was included by Thomas Netter [q. v.] in his ‘Fasciculi Zizaniorum Johannis Wyclif,’ and is printed in Shirley's edition of that work (Rolls Ser. 1858, pp. 181–238).

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