Woman of the Century/Elizabeth Willisson Stephen

STEPHEN, Mrs. Elizabeth Willisson, author, born in Marengo county, near Mobile, Ala., 21st March, 1856. Her maiden name was Willis- son. Her paternal ancestry is English, and some of them were noted figures of the Revolutionary period. Her mother's family is of Huguenot descent, and the name of Marion is conspicuous on their family tree. Thomas Gaillard, her maternal grandfather, ranked high as an ecclesiastical historian. Her grandmother, Mrs. Willisson, was an intellectual woman, who fostered the little girl's love for books and cultivated her intellect. ELIZABETH WILLISSON STEPHEN A woman of the century (page 694 crop).jpgELIZABETH WILLISSON STEPHEN. Elizabeth grew up in the world of books, writing stories and verses. Her mother, Mrs. M. Gaillard Spratley, is an author and joint worker with Mrs. Stephen in "The Confessions of Two." Her field of use- fulness widened with her marriage, in 1888, to W. O. Stephen, an able Presbyterian clergyman. She takes an active interest in her husband's work and in all religious progress. Her home is in Rockport, Ind. Her married life is a happy one, and one child, Walter Willisson, blesses their union. Beside the novel, "The Confessions of Two," she has written much, both in prose and verse, for various newspapers and periodicals.