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WEBB, Mrs. Ella Sturtevant, author, born in Cleveland, Ohio, 15th December, 1856. Her ELLA STURTEVANT WEBB A woman of the century (page 765 crop).jpgELLA STURTEVANT WEBB. early years were spent in the country home of her grandparents, her father, Ezra Sturtevant, having died shortly after the birth of his only child. Possessed of a vivid imagination, she eagerly devoured the few story books which came in her way, and lived in a world of her own, peopled by characters which seemed quite as real as the men and women about her. She early learned to look at life through the eyes of others. Warm sympathies and an inborn sense of justice were strengthened by every tale of wrong, and the combined impressions of those early days resulted in an earnest purpose to be of use to humanity. Her first story was written under a pen-name for a Chicago child's magazine, but most of her work has been upon domestic topics, in the treatment of which she is particularly successful. Her bright handling of commonplace themes has made her a welcome contributor to the "Homemaker" and "Good Housekeeping." and other household journals. She has been Tor two years upon the regular staff of " Leisure Hours." She is a member of the Ohio Woman's Press Club. She is the wife of Chandler L. Webb, of Cleveland, Ohio, and the mother of one daughter. Extremely conscientious concerning her own home duties, she has made literary ambition subservient to daily household demands, and the work of her pen must be judged by quality rather than quantity.