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OLIVER, Mrs. Martha Capps, poet, born in Jacksonville, Ill., 27th August, 1845. Her father, Joseph Capps, was the son of a Kentucky slave-owner, a kind master, but so strong was the son's abhorrence of wrongs of any nature, that he refused to profit by what he thought was an inhuman institution, and sought a free State in which to establish himself in business. He located in Jacksonville, Ill. There he was married to Miss Sarah A. H. Reid, a woman of christian character. Miss Capps was educated in the Illinois Female College, where she took high rank in her studies, early showing a talent for composition. From her father she inherited an aptitude for versification and a temperament which was quick to receive impressions. MARTHA CAPPS OLIVER A woman of the century (page 558 crop).jpgMARTHA CAPPS OLIVER. Soon after her graduation she became the wife of William A. Oliver. Some of her verses soon found their way into print. They met with such appreciation that she finally began to write for publication. A number of her poems have been used in England for illustrated booklets. As a writer she has been quite as kindly received there as in America. In collaboration with Ida Scott Taylor, she has recently published several juvenile books in verse, entitled "The Story of Columbus," "In Slavery Days" and "The Far West." She has also given some attention to sacred song and hymn writing. Mrs. Oliver is skilled in all the arts of home-making and is an active, efficient church member and worker.