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KROUT, Miss Mary H., poet, author, educator and journalist, born in Crawfordsville, Ind., 3rd November, 1852. MARY H. KROUT A woman of the century (page 452 crop).jpgMARY H. KROUT. She was reared and educated there amid surroundings calculated to develop her gifts and fit her for the literary career which she entered upon in childhood. Her family for generations have been people of ability. Her maternal grandfather was for many years the State geologist of Indiana and professor of natural science in Butler University. Her mother inherited his talent in a marked degree. Her father is a man of the broadest culture Her first verses were written when she was eight years old, and her first published verses appeared in the Crawfordsville "Journal," two years later. "Little Brown Hands," by the authorship of which she is best known, was written at the age of fifteen, and was accepted by " Our Young Folks," while Miss Larcom was its editor. The poem was written in the summer of 1867, during an interval snatched from exacting household duties, every member of the family but herself being ill. Miss Krout taught in the public schools of Crawfordsville for eight years, devoting her time outside of school to her literary work. She went to Indianapolis to accept a position in the schools there, in the fall of 1883. She resigned at the expiration of five months to take an editorial position on the Crawfordsville "Journal," which she held for three years. She was subsequently connected with the Peoria "Saturday Evening Call," the "Interior," the Chicago "Journal" and the Terre Haute "Express." In connection with her regular editorial duties she did special work for magazines and syndicates. In April, 1888, she became connected with the Chicago " Inter-Ocean " and early in July was sent to Indianapolis as the political correspondent and confidential representative of that paper. She now holds an editorial position on that journal, having charge of a department known as the "Woman's Kingdom." She has a good deal of artistic ability and is a good musician.