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This is a story with a topic of perennial interest to all the world, namely that of Peace and War. The arguments included should make it of real use to those who have not studied the matter. In addition there is much information given of Peace organisations and of work already in hand.

"Is told with considerable power, and will be of especial interest to all concerned in the peace movement of to-day."—Northern Echo.

Cloth boards, 6s.

Evolution and Empire.

By John Wm. Graham, M.A.

Principal of Dalton Hall, Victoria University, Manchester.

"This is a book to be read carefully. Mr. Graham does not fill his pages with unfounded assertions. He has followed modern history with clear vision and understanding. His arguments are usually borne out by verifiable facts stated with clearness. There is, indeed, a wealth of reference to the events of our time, which reveals a mind not only in touch with the concerns of our own country, but with a grasp of all international relationships. Nor is this an argument against militarism based on mere sentiment. It is put on ground where reason and high principle coincide. It is a trenchant criticism of the modern situation in which the burden of war causes an increasing restlessness. It is a book scientific in spirit, sane in outlook, and wise in conclusions.—Warrington Examiner.

Crown 8vo. Cloth boards, 2s. 6d. net.
Cheap Edition. Cloth limp, 1s. net.

Christ and War.

By William E. Wilson, B.D.

The reasonableness of disarmament on Christian, humanitarian and economic grounds; a Peace Study Text-book.

"It is a fine sincere persuasive against war; and it is a valuable apologetic for Christianity."—Expository Times.

"We cannot conceive a better book for the study circle. It is clear, concise scholarly, and yet easily read."—Birmingham Nevis.

"Should prove a valuable addition to our series of Adult School Text-books."—One and All. (W. C. Braithwaite.)

Crown 8vo, 212 pp.
1s. net, cloth limp.1s. 6d. net, cloth boards.