Youth (Tolstoy, tr. Hogarth)

by Leo Tolstoy, translated by C. J. Hogarth
  1. What I Consider To Have Been The Beginning Of My Youth
  2. Springtime
  3. Dreams
  4. Our Family Circle
  5. My Rules
  6. Confession
  7. The Expedition to the Monastery
  8. The Second Confession
  9. How I Prepared Myself for the Examinations
  10. The Examination in History
  11. My Examination in Mathematics
  12. My Examination in Latin
  13. I Become Grown-Up
  14. How Woloda and Dubkoff Amused Themselves
  15. I Am Feted At Dinner
  16. The Quarrel
  17. I Get Ready to Pay Some Calls
  18. The Valakhin Family
  19. The Kornakoffs
  20. The Iwins
  21. Prince Ivan Ivanovitch
  22. Intimate Conversation With My Friend
  23. The Nechludoffs
  24. Love
  25. I Became Better Acquainted With The Nechludoffs
  26. I Show Off
  27. Dimitri
  28. In The Country
  29. Relations Between The Girls And Ourselves
  30. How I Employed My Time
  31. "Comme Il Faut"
  32. Youth
  33. Our Neighbors
  34. My Fathers' Second Marriage
  35. How We Received The News
  36. The University
  37. Affairs Of The Heart
  38. The World
  39. The Students' Feast
  40. My Friendship With The Nechludoffs
  41. My Friendship With The Nechludoffs
  42. Our Stepmother
  43. New Comrades
  44. Zuchin And Semenoff
  45. I Come To Grief

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