180th Anniversary of the Founding of Modern Hong Kong Motion

Early Day Motion 1382:
180th Anniversary of the Founding of Modern Hong Kong
House of Commons of Parliament of the United Kingdom

Date: 20 January 2021

For the Cantonese translation (粵語翻譯) of this work at the multilingual Wikisource, please see 現代香港開埠180周年動議案.

180th Anniversary of the Founding of Modern Hong Kong

Early Day Motion 1382: tabled on 20 January 2021

Motion text―

That this House:-

- notes that the 26th of January 2021 marks the 180th anniversary of the modern founding of Hong Kong;
- recognises the significant historical ties between the UK and Hong Kong;
- celebrates the unique history, traditions and culture of Hong Kong and its people;
- commends the opening of the BN(O) visa scheme on 31st January 2021;
- looks forward to the significant cultural, economic, and social contribution Hongkongers will bring to the UK in coming years;
- invites the UK Government and all political parties to welcome those who come to this country from Hong Kong to escape the iron heel of Chinese Communist tyranny being stamped down upon that city which formerly enjoyed a high degree of autonomy;
- and encourages all nations which cherish freedom, democracy and the rule of law to follow the lead of the UK by reaching out to the beleaguered people of Hong Kong to offer them a home and a safe place of sanctuary.


Signatories of Early Day Motion 1382
Parliamentarian Political Party Sponsorship Date Signed
Andrew Rosindell Conservative Sponsor (Primary) 20 January 2021
Layla Moran Liberal Democrat Sponsor 21 January 2021
Sir Mike Penning Conservative Sponsor 21 January 2021
Paul Girvan Democratic Unionist Sponsor 21 January 2021
Sir David Amess Conservative Sponsor 21 January 2021
Caroline Lucas Green Sponsor 25 January 2021
Sammy Wilson Democratic Unionist Non-Sponsor 26 January 2021
Craig Whittaker Conservative Non-Sponsor 12 February 2021

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