1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Afzelius, Adam

AFZELIUS, ADAM (1750-1837), a Swedish botanist, was born at Larf, Vestergötland, in 1750. He was appointed teacher of oriental languages at Upsala in 1777, and in 1785 demonstrator of botany. From 1792 he spent some years on the west coast of Africa, and in 1797-1798 acted as secretary of the Swedish embassy in London. Returning to Sweden, he founded the Linnaean institute at Upsala in 1802, and in 1812 became professor of materia medica at the university. He died at Upsala in 1837. In addition to various botanical writings, he published the autobiography of Linnaeus in 1823.

His brother, Johann Afzelius (1753-1837), known as Arvidson, was professor of chemistry at Upsala; and another brother, Per Af (1760-1843), who became professor of medicine at Upsala in 1801, was distinguished as a medical teacher and practitioner.