1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Ahriman

AHRIMAN (Gr. Ἀρειμάνιοs in Aristotle, or Ἀρειμάνηs in Agathias; in the Avesta, Añgrô Mainyush)—“the Destructive Spirit”), the name of the principle of evil in the dualistic doctrine of Zoroaster. The name does not occur in the Old Persian inscriptions. In the Avesta he is called the twin-brother of the Holy Spirits, and contrasted either with the Holy Spirit of Ormazd or with Ormazd himself. He is the all-destroying Satan, the source of all evil in the world and, like Ormazd, exists since the beginning of the world. Eventually, in the great world catastrophe, he will be defeated by Ormazd and disappear. The later sect of the Zervanites held that both were visible manifestations of the primeval principle Zruvan akarana (Infinite Time). (See Zoroaster.)