1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Conneaut

CONNEAUT, a city of Ashtabula county, Ohio, U.S.A., on Lake Erie at the mouth of Conneaut Creek, and about 68 m. N.E. of Cleveland. Pop. (1890) 3241; (1900) 7133 (1227 foreign born); (1910) 8319. It is served by the New York, Chicago & St Louis (which has railway repair shops here), the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, and the Bessemer & Lake Erie railways, and by car ferries which ply between Conneaut and Rondeau and Port Stanley on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. There is a beautiful public park of 20 acres on the lake shore. Conneaut is situated in a grain-growing and dairying region; it has an excellent harbour to and from which coal and ore are shipped, and is a sub-port of entry. The city has planing mills, flour mills, brick works, tanneries, canneries and manufactories of electric and gas fixtures, electric lamps and tungsten gas lamps. The municipality owns and operates its electric-lighting plant. In 1796 surveyors for the Connecticut Land Co. built a log storehouse here, but the permanent settlement dates from 1798; in 1832 Conneaut was incorporated, and it became a city in 1898.