1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Hall, Samuel Carter

17419281911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 12 — Hall, Samuel Carter

HALL, SAMUEL CARTER (1800–1889), English journalist, was born at Waterford on the 9th of May 1800, the son of an army officer. In 1821 he went to London, and in 1823 became a parliamentary reporter. From 1826 to 1837 he was editor of a great number and variety of public prints, and in 1839 he founded and edited The Art Journal. His exposure of the trade in bogus “Old Masters” earned for this publication a considerable reputation. Hall resigned the editorship in 1880, and was granted a Civil List pension “for his long and valuable services to literature and art.” He died in London on the 16th of March 1889. His wife, Anna Maria Fielding (1800–1881), became well known as Mrs S. C. Hall, for her numerous novels, sketches of Irish life, and plays. Two of the last, The Groves of Blarney and The French Refugee, were produced in London with success. She also wrote a number of children’s books, and was practically interested in various London charities, several of which she helped to found.