1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Harland, Henry

HARLAND, HENRY (1861–1905), American novelist, was born in St Petersburg, Russia, in March 1861, and was educated in New York and at Harvard. He went to Europe as a journalist, and, after publishing several novels, mainly of American-Jewish life (under the name of Sidney Luska), first made his literary reputation in London as editor of the Yellow Book in 1894. His association with this clever publication, and his own contributions to it, brought his name into prominence, but it was not till he published The Cardinal’s Snuff-box (1900), followed by The Lady Paramount (1902), that his lightly humorous touch and picturesque style as a novelist brought him any real success. His health was always delicate, and he died at San Remo on the 20th of December 1905.