1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Herberay des Essarts, Nicolas de

HERBERAY DES ESSARTS, NICOLAS DE (d. about 1557), French translator, was born in Picardy. He served in the artillery, and at the expressed desire of Francis I. he translated into French the first eight books of Amadis de Gaul (1540–1548). The remaining books were translated by other authors. His other translations from the Spanish include L’Amant maltraité de sa mye (1539); Le Premier Livre de la chronique de dom Florès de Grèce (1552); and L’Horloge des princes (1555) from Guevara. He also translated the works of Josephus (1557). He died about 1557. The Amadis de Gaul was translated into English by Anthony Munday in 1619.