1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Malet, Lucas

MALET, LUCAS, the pen-name of Mary St Leger Harrison (1852–), English novelist. She was the eldest daughter of Charles Kingsley, and was born at Eversley on the 4th of June 1852. She studied at the Slade school and at University College, London, and married in 1876 William Harrison, rector of Clovelly. After her husband's death in 1897 she eventually settled in London. She had already written several books-M rs Lorirner (1882), Colonel Enderby's Wife (1885), Little Peter (1887), A Counsel of Perfection (1888)-when she published her powerful story, The Wages of Sin (1891), which attracted great attention. Her History of Sir Richard Calmady (1901) had an even' greater success. Her other novels include The Carissirna (1896), The Gateless Barrier (1900), On the For Horizon (1906).