MOMEIN, the Burmese name of the Chinese city Têng-yueh-chow, in the S.W. of the province of Yunnan, China. It was opened to foreign trade by the Burmese Convention of 1897, but so far no advantage has been taken of the permission. It lies close to the Burmese frontier and on the old trade route from Bhamo to Yunnan, but its importance as an outpost of the British Empire is political rather than commercial. The distance from Téng-yueh to Bhamo by the usual trade route is 160 m., and is generally traversed by pack-animals in seven or eight days. In a straight line the two towns are only 80 m. apart. Near Momein and within its jurisdiction is the frontier town of Manwyne, where A. R. Margary was assassinated in January 1875.