21489751911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 18 — MubarradGriffithes Wheeler Thatcher

MUBARRAD, or Mobarrad [Abū-l ‛Abbās Maḥommed ibn Yazīd ul-Azdī] (c. 826–898), Arabian grammarian, was born in Baṣra, and became the leader of the Baṣran grammarians against the Kufan school. His judgment, however, was independent, as is shown by his attack on some points in the grammar of Sibawaihi, the greatest writer of his own school. He died at Bagdad.

His main work is the grammatical one known as the Kāmil (Perfect), which has been edited by W. Wright (Leipzig, 1864 seq.), and published at Constantinople (1869) and Cairo (1891). Two or three other works exist in MS.; cf. C. Brockelmann, Gesch. der arabischen Litteratur, i. 109 (Weimar, 1898).  (G. W. T.)