1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Praetuttii

PRAETUTTII (also called Πραιτεττιοί), a tribe of ancient Italy inhabiting the south of Picenum. Their territory lay between the rivers Vomanum and Tessinnus (Pliny iii. § 110), and therefore included Castrum Novum, Interamnia and the Truentus, as well as probably the original of Hadria. From this name was derived the medieval form A prutium (quoted by Kiepert in his Alte Geographie), and hence the modern Abruzzo (more commonly in the plural gli Abruzzi), denoting the whole central mountain land of Italy. We have no evidence, except their name, and that throws no light on their language, for separating them from the other inhabitants of Picenum (q.v.)  (R. S. C.)