1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Remigius, St

REMIGIUS, ST (c. 437–533), bishop of Reims and the friend of Clovis, whom he converted to Christianity. According to Gregory of Tours, 3000 Franks were baptized with Clovis by Remigius on Christmas Day, 496, after the defeat of the Alamanni. With the growing power of the papacy a good many fictions grew up around his name, e.g. that he anointed Clovis with oil from the sacred ampulla, and that Pope Hormisdas had recognized him as primate of France. The Commentary on the Pauline Epistles (ed. Villalpandus, 1699) is not his work, but that of Remigius of Auxerre.

For authorities see H. Jadart, Bibliographie des ouvrages conc. la vie et le culte de S. Remi . . . (Reims, 1891), which contains 126 references.