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1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/San-shui

SAN-SHUI, a treaty port in the province of Kwang-tung, China, on the left bank of the West river, 99 m. from Canton, opened to foreign trade in 1897. Pop. about 5000. Its position is at the junction of the North and West rivers, and it is favourably situated as a distributing centre for foreign goods. Two lines of steamers converge at San-shui, from Canton and Hong-Kong respectively. The town is surrounded by a handsome wall built in the 16th century, but within this rampart the houses are mean. The foreign trade shows little signs of expansion. In 1902 the net foreign imports amounted in value to £474,175, and in 1904 to only £380,000, while the exports during the same two years amounted to £225,000 and £317,000 respectively. The direct foreign trade in 1908 was £507,827. There is a large junk traffic, and the local likin station is one of the richest in the province.