1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Shannon, Charles Hazelwood

SHANNON, CHARLES HAZELWOOD (1865–), English artist, was born at Sleaford in Lincolnshire, the son of the Rev. Frederic Shannon. He attended the Lambeth school of art, and was subsequently considerably influenced by his friend Charles Ricketts and by the example of the great Venetians. In his early work he was addicted to a heavy low tone, which he abandoned subsequently for clearer and more transparent colour. He achieved great success with his portraits and his Giorgionesque figure compositions, which are marked by a classic sense of style, and with his etchings and lithographic designs. The Dublin Municipal Gallery owns his circular composition “ The Bunch of Grapes ” and “ The Lady with the Green Fan ” (portrait of Mrs Hacon). His “ Study in Grey ” is at the Munich Gallery, a “ Portrait of Mr Staats Forbes ” at Bremen, and a “ Souvenir of Van Dyck ” at Melbourne. One of his most remarkable pictures is “The Toilet of Venus ” in the collection of Lord Northcliffe. Complete sets of his lithographs and etchings have been acquired by the British Museum and the Berlin and Dresden print rooms. He was awarded a first-class gold medal at Munich in 1895 and a first-class silver medal in Paris in 1900.