1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Shirt

SHIRT, an undergarment of linen, silk, cotton and flannel for the upper part of the body, usually only applied to such a. garment when worn by men, 'though the term is becoming common as used of a plain form of blouse worn by women, the American “ shirt-waist.” The word is apparently Scandinavian in origin and is an adaptation of the Icel. skyrte, Dan. skiorte, properly a short garment, and is derived from the root skar—to cut off; it is cognate with Ger. Schurz, apron, and the same root is seen in “short,” “shear” and “skirt”; the last word is now used of that part of a woman's garment which reaches from the waist to the feet, but properly means the lower part of the shirt, hence, edge, border of anything.