1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Shotts

Shotts, a mining and manufacturing parish of Lanarkshire, Scotland. It comprises eight villages, parts of two others, and the town of Cleland (including Omoa) and is served by the North British and Caledonian railways. Pop. (1891) 11,957; (1901) 15,562. The parish contains large ironworks, tile, fire-clay and brick-works, and quarries, and includes the Lanark district asylum and a fever hospital. The curious name of Omoa is supposed to have been given to his property by some soldier or sailor who had settled here after the wars in Honduras, of which Omoa is a seaport. Matthew Baillie (1761–1823), famous for his researches in morbid anatomy, and Janet Hamilton (1795–1873), the poetess, were born in the parish of Shotts.