1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Shusha

SHUSHA, a town, formerly a fortress, of Russian Transcaucasia, in the government of Elisavetpol, in 39° 46′ N. and 46° 25′ E., 170 m. S.E. of Tiflis, on an isolated rocky eminence, 3865 ft. above sea-level and accessible only from one side. Pop. about 25,000, consisting of Armenians and Tatars. Shusha was formerly the capital of the khanate of Kara-bagh. The town is locally renowned for its carpets, and the district for its excellent breed of Kara-bagh horses. Leather and silk are also made.

The fortress, constructed in 1789, successfully withstood a siege by Aga Mahommed of Persia in 1795, but was constrained to surrender two years afterwards. In 1805 Ibrahim Khan of Kara-bagh invoked the protection of Russia, but the annexation was not completed until 1822.