1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Sulitelma

SULITELMA, a mountain on the frontier between Norway and Sweden, forming a salient (6158 ft.) of the Kjöl or “keel” of the Scandinavian peninsula. The mass, composed of three peaks, is situated in 67° 10′ N., and covered with a snow-field from which many glaciers descend. In these rise feeders of the Swedish rivers Lilla Lule and Pite, flowing south-east. Westward, the foothills descend upon the Skjerstad Fjord, above which are two lakes, Nedre and Ovre Vand. From Sjönstaa steamers on the Langvand and a light railway give communication between the sea and Furulund, the headquarters of the Swedish Sulitelma Mining Company. A mountain track descends from Sulitelma to Kvickjock (or Kvikkjokk), a considerable village magnificently situated on the Tarrajock, a head-stream of the Lilla Lule. This is distant three days’ journey on foot from Furulund.