16925951911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 26 — TirmidhīGriffithes Wheeler Thatcher

TIRMIDHĪ [Abū ’Isā Mahommed ibn ’Isā ut-Tirmidhi] (d. 892), Arabian traditionalist, was born at Tirmidh on the Jiḥûn. He was a scholar of the traditionalist Bukhārī, and in his search for traditions travelled through Khorasan, Irak and Hejaz. His al-Jāmi’ us-Șaḥīḥ is one of the six canonical collections of traditions. In it he admitted every tradition that had ever been used to support a legal decision, indicating the doctrine it supported and mentioning the doctrines opposed to it. It was published at Bulaq in 1875. He also wrote the Kitāb ush-Shama’il on the character and life of Mahomet (printed at Calcutta, 1846).  (G. W. T.)